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Basit is a phenomenal tutor and teacher! He is a great motivator and truly believes in his students. Basit was given two months before my A-Level exams to help me get at a decent in my A-Level economics exam. It was not my strongest subject, I lacked exam technique, confidence and the ability to combine my knowledge together and apply it. However, Basit showed faith in me and his lessons led to me to an A grade in A-Level Economics, something I genuinely couldn’t dream of at that time which shocked myself, my teachers and my parents.
Thank you so much Basit!

K. Naja
Nord Anglia School, Dubai

Basit is a brilliant tutor with immense knowledge in his field. He has the ability to explain topics in a way that makes understanding more meaningful. He has given Oscar the tools to excel in a subject that he once had difficulty with and now wants to pursue at University. He has, without doubt gone over and above the call of duty to provide Oscar with all the support he requires to maximise his chances of reaching his potential. We honestly can’t thank him enough and wouldn’t hesitate in recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding tutor.
O. Benyon
John Lyon School

I approached Basit in September, following receipt of the AS level results for my daughter. She had received a C in Economics and a D in Mathematics.

I had some reservations about whether an external tutor could help motivate and stimulate interest in these subjects, especially in view of the results, and my daughter's tendency to lose heart. But, I have to say, that from the very first meeting, Basit inspired confidence, and was very clear about the steps needed to be taken to achieve a turnaround. The challenge was compounded by the fact that my daughter needed to resit every single AS module , as well as stay up to speed with the A level content.

A further testimonial to Basit's contributions were the remarks from my daughter's teachers at school on how engaged and motivated my daughter was in class too.

I can't thank Basit enough, and would strongly recommend his services to those who want structured, encouraging and productive support for their children who may be going through similar challenges.

R.M - Parent of Student
City of London Girls School

Basit is a dynamic tutor, who displayed great skill and knowledge as he assisted me to reach my full potential. His sound understanding of the course and exam technique required, not only enhanced my ability but also my confidence to tackle any question. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wishes to achieve the highest results

Prashanti Mukhi
University of Durham, PPE

Basit really helped me think more and produce creative and unique points in my essays which gave me the confidence to answer any question. I was only able to do this because he pushed me to produce perfect answers and motivated me a lot.

Furthermore lessons were always interesting as he's able to stimulate discussions about certain topics which makes learning even more easier.

In addition he is always able to explain things that seem complicated in a way that makes it seem so easy through use of examples and diagrams which was very effective in my learning.

I definitely owe my great AS and A2 results to Basit!

Rahil Desai
A2 Levels, Merchant Taylors School

After failing my Economics A Level with a D, I was eager to retake the subject and achieve an A, in order to go to university. I was in desperate need of a tutor as the retake course I was attending was not as beneficial as I had hoped. My father found Basit online in March, and I continued to see him until my exams in June (for 3 and a half months).

Within the first few sessions, I could already tell how valuable his teaching was going to be. His strategies are unique and I found that I connected with his techniques straight away. He was immediately able to identify where my strengths and weaknesses lay, and therefore we were able to focus on my individual needs and study at my own pace.

I ended up finding the help I received from Basit a lot more beneficial than any previous teacher, and therefore ended up withdrawing from the retake course that I had initially enrolled in, and relied entirely on him. He gave me more confidence than I ever thought I could have, as well as changing my work ethic to become more independent and self-motivated. Furthermore, not only did I find the individual sessions useful, but his flexibility also meant that I was able to contact him whenever I needed help from home.

I would recommend Basit as a tutor to anyone that needs help with Economics because he is incredibly committed, keen and patient. The fact that he is able to get on with his students so well makes learning the syllabus much more fun and enjoyable rather than a chore, which I never thought was possible.

Fran Millea
A2 Level Student

Basit has been a complete lifesaver this year. In one of our first lessons he completed the whole of unit 3 theory to the extent I fully understood it, something my other teachers failed to do in 6 months, Basit taught me in a couple of hours. His lessons have been phenomenal and his teaching methods are just perfect for anyone and everyone. He teaches you exactly what you need to know and then builds it up so you're not thrown in at the deep end. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better tutor and for that I'm so grateful. Thanks Basit for helping me with economics, couldn't have done it without you.

Emily Barnett
A2 Level Student

Basit is a relaxed yet efficient tutor who will definitely mould you into the best candidate you can be.

Harry Heyworth
A2 Level Student

The first time I took AS level at my previous school I had picked one of the hardest combinations of subjects possible; Economics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry and on top I had no real interest in 3 of the 4. I ended up coming out of AS with a very low set of results. This led me to the decision to re-take the whole year doing subjects I had a genuine interest in.

To re-take my AS levels I made a move to a college in Rayners Lane in North West London. It was here that I met Mr Basit Kirmani, my new economics teacher. Coming from a much larger school, I immediately made an assumption that the teaching quality, resources and facilities would not live up to the standard I had received at my previous school.

To my surprise, the teaching quality in Mr Basit's class was excellent. I felt that after just one explanation from Basit on a particular area of the course, I fully understood and felt confident on answering a question on the topic area.

The good thing about being in a class taught by Basit is firstly that the teacher-student relationship is strong. He is also able to work out a student's personality and how the student thinks very quickly, this helped me particularly, as he found out on the first day that I was a bright boy, but just lazy. This made him push me hard to get the results that I ended up getting.

I owe my two great AS economics results to the fantastic teaching from Basit. Thanks for all the help! Unfortunately, I do not have Basit for the second year of my A- Level course, as he has left the college to pursue his own independent teaching academy. I can only hope the second teacher is as good as Basit!

  Previous School Current School
Economics Unit UMS Grade UMS Grade
1 53 D 84 A
2 54 D 81 A

S. Patel
AS Economics Student

"I needed to raise one of my Economics A level modules from a C to secure an A overall. I had a series of 10 lessons with Basit in the week before the exam. His approach was very practical and exam focused and helped me secure an A in Economics and get into my first choice University (Newcastle Upon Tyne)."

C. Duffy
'Original Grade D'
'Final Grade A'
Economics A2 Level Student

I met Basit through regents college after, I didn't get my grades to get to the course or university of my choice. He was extremely helpful, and taught me new revision techniques, and his teaching stratergies helped me to understand, and build my confidence. His combination of passion,enthusiasm and revision discipline for economics helped me to exceed the grades required for my course. University of Nottingham, Business methods and Economics of Contemporary China.

Sunaina Kapur
Result A.
Entry into University of Nottingham

In the short three months in which I was tutored by Basit, my skill and understanding in A-level Economics substantially improved, which ultimately resulted in my personal confidence increasing. Basit achieved this through his explanations, discussions, and exercises which he customised for my needs, which enabled me to tackle the area's I found most difficult. Through Basit's lessons, I not only found myself able to apply these core skills to Economics, but to all other subject areas. In addition, I found myself able to ask questions with ease, and in return receive the support which I needed. Overall, Basit ensured his lessons were suited for my needs and above all, gave me the constant support I needed by offering feedback, discussions and comments. Basit gives a personal teaching technique which ultimately ensured I reached my potential in A-level Economics.

Monisha Fatania
Result: A
Entry into University of Southampton

For further information about booking Economics A-level classes please email us at [email protected] and we will be delighted to help you further where possible.

Tutor Interviews

Basit Kirmani, BA MA* (University of Cambridge)
I am an A-level Economics Tutor. I have a BA & MA from the University of Cambridge (Queens' College). I am also an Examiner for A-level for Edexcel and also teach AQA and OCR.
All modules across all UK examination boards for Micro and Macro components at AS and A-level.
I graduated from the University of Cambridge where I read Social and Political Sciences, Law and Management. I am a BA MA Graduate.I have been Teaching in London for the last 8 years and I am the founder of Colour Learning and an official examiner for Edexcel and the former Head of Economics and Business Studies at Regent Independent College and Burlington College in Harrow, Rayners Lane & Edgware.
12 years Tutoring experience of getting A-level students into Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities including University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, UCL, Kings College, Royal Holloway, Bristol, Queen Mary's, Cardiff, University of Birmingham and University of Manchester, SOAS and more.
Classes take place at 83 Baker Street, London, W1U 6AG at the Colour Learning office. Home Visits may be possible depending on timetabling.
I am available throughout the year.
The London Tuition Centre, (Formerly) Regent Learning Group, Colour Learning, Colour Economics, Edexcel Examiner, The Tutor Pages, Tavistock Tutors.
If you are serious about your education and want to achieve higher exam results, please do get in touch. I am confident that I can help you achieve better grades. In 2020/21 my students received excellent results and testimonials are available here -

Please email [email protected] for further information or if you would like to discuss our rates and teacher availability for Economics lessons.